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What is a Pre-Hung Door?

A Pre-Hung Door is a door that is hung in a frame using hinges. If you're getting an exterior Pre-Hung Door, then you will also be getting a sill, weather-stripping & possibly heavy duty hinges.

I am still trying to keep an open mind here & its tough. I have been around for 40 years in the business so I have some pre-conceived notions to say the least.

Interior doors are typically 1 3/8” thick, hollow core, and hung with 3 ½” x 3 ½” hinges. This is where you can get creative & insist on certain things. I will use the word typically a lot but what I am telling you about typical situations isn’t the rules you have to live by or that govern your actions. You know that what governs you is “YOU”. The reason that there is the typical scenario is to save money, but if you have the budget, use it. If you want 1 ¾” interior doors with 4 ½” x 4 ½” hinges, go for it. If you want decorative finials on the hinge pins absolutely go for it. It’s your property & your decision.

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Now let’s talk about what you’ll need to know when ordering a Pre-Hung Door. Door size is the most important. Wall thickness is next. Door style is third including Molding style, hardware color, Glass Type, Sticking style, sill type, etc.

These are some of the finishes to consider when shopping for a Pre-Hung Door unit.

Low E Glass

Low E glass is always going to be the best option when it comes to Energy Efficiency. There will be a green tint to the glass so do keep that in mind when choosing Low E. Low E glass is not clear by any stretch of the imagination but is the best glass to keep your home cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

UltraTrim Casing Style Options
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I really want my readers to understand how to hand a door. Remember that there are several ways to hand a door. The easiest way to handle a door is in this diagram and always handing as though you are standing on the outside of the door. The outside of the door is where the key side of the door is or where the key would be if the door was a locking door.

Door & Frame Handing Chart

There is something that you all must be made aware of! Once you approve & sign off on a special-order product, it’s yours. If you accepted the order and the order didn’t come in to the supplier damaged, you own it. If you signed off on a 30” door, but meant 3’0” door which is 36”, you own it. All I'm saying is; be careful on what you order & make sure that it’s right before you sign off on it. Here are some of the issues that could be wrong when ordering a door. One thing I almost forgot is to be careful how the salesman writes your order and that you understand all of his terminology. Here is a perfect example. when a salesman writes 3/0 is actually 3'0" and not 30". I saw a Dutch door order go south just for that reason. As a salesman I always write a size in feet and inches 3'0" for example.

Things you need to know when ordering either exterior or interior doors:

• Door size
• Wall thickness
• Hardware color
• Door color if pre-finished
• Sticking profile
• Casing
• Sill
• Rough Opening
• Door Style
• Glass Style
• Panel Style
• Door Handing
• Type of Locking Hardware (Single or Double Bore)

& remember, when ordering a Pre-Hung Door, you can always use the assistance of a professional door supplier like Wintorium Windows and Doors in Los Angeles, CA. At Wintorium Windows and Doors we can help you choose the right Pre-Hung Door that will fit your residential or commercial project. Our services are second to none, & we provide the lowest prices on top-brand names including Pella, Milgard & more. Wintorium Windows and Doors, your No#1 Window & Door supplier in Los Angeles & Southern California.


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