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Frequently Asked Questions

Wintorium Windows and Doors 10+ Years in Contracting

How do I choose between OX or XO?

All pictures of windows & doors on this website are shown from the outside. For example, if you are standing on the outside of your building, an OX window/door would slide open to the left, while an XO window/door would slide open to the right. This principle is standard for west coast windows & doors, and applies to all of our products (please see individual product photos for more details).

What is the warranty on all windows & doors?

Each replacement window and door comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. If a window or door is installed by Wintorium, we make sure the stucco (if present) is not damaged during the installation, which also guarantees no water will leak through the windows.

How do I become a certified installer for Wintorium customers?

We require all of our window & door installers to be certified (valid Contractor License, Insurance, Bond, and verifiable experience). Please contact us for more details.