Elite Vinyl Windows

Dual Glazed Vinyl Windows Manufacturer located in Santa Fe Springs, California. Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. is a small family owned and operated manufacturing business that is making large leaps into the Vinyl Window industry. Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. has a long and proud tradition of providing amazing beautiful looking windows that are affordable and built to last! We have been in the industry for over 20 years and we have a vast assortment of window and door options for your construction needs.


Vinyl windows have several advantages over wood frame and metal frame windows: they are frequently more energy efficient, resist condensation, are immune to aluminum oxidation, and require no painting or maintenance, to name a few. However, the design of vinyl windows can have a significant impact on their efficiency and lifespan. If your home needs replacement windows, it is important to choose a door-and-window company whose products justify making the investment. For thousands of homeowners in the California area and beyond, Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. is the preferred company for vinyl windows.


Elite Vinyl Windows Inc. uses the most innovative current technology to build our vinyl patio doors and other door varieties. We believe in the importance of creating products that add to the aesthetic value, function and security of the home. All of our vinyl patio doors are built to improve temperature control, increase insulation and last for many years due to their high-quality construction. Homeowners shouldn’t have to settle for cheaply built doors that will break within a few seasons, which is why we strive to offer the very best products on the market today. Click any item below to see the details.