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Efficiency Ratings and Windows Cost - Important Factors when it comes to Window Replacement in Los Angeles


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Evaluating Your Current Windows

An area of concern to most homeowners and business owners is the overall window condition and efficiency of windows in their property. Often overlooked, evaluating existing windows before engaging in window installation or a do it yourself window replacement project for the entire property can be helpful, for example;

Basic questions to answer before planning a window replacement project may include:

  • Is the goal to increase energy efficiency?
  • Is the window replacement project to replace windows with faulty or malfunctioning mechanisms?
  • Is the window replacement project for aesthetic appearance?

Sometimes window installation to increase energy efficiency is not necessary because it brings little or no change. properties with the average window to wall ratio of 12 - 14% may see little or no change with window replacement. Unless, of course, present windows have a very high U-factor rating or are not well insulated. But properties with a much higher window to wall ratio & those in locations with very hot or very cold temperatures can experience significant energy improvement with a window replacement upgrade.


Using Efficiency Ratings for Evaluation

There are three window efficiency ratings to consider when evaluating your existing windows, or shopping for window replacements. Whether planning casement window replacement, double hung window replacement, or just a sliding window replacement, the following factors can be taken into consideration.

  • Air leakage - this is the amount of air allowed to filter in or out of the dwelling from around the window frame or the window itself. It is measured in cubic feet per minute, per square foot of window area (including frame). The lower the rating, the tighter the window, consequently - the higher the efficiency.
  • U-Factor is the rating of how much heat or cold is transmitted through the window panes or glazing. A variation of this rating is the National Fenestration Rating Council U-Factor, which includes the framing and spacer material for an overall rating. The lower the rating, the higher the efficiency of the window.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) - is the amount of heat that is radiated into a room by direct sunlight entering the window, allowing heat to radiate from surfaces in the room. The lower the rating, the lower the amount of solar heating effect. Windows are available with intentional higher or lower SHGC ratings for different uses. Windows with a higher SHGC rating are good for winter solar heat on sides of a home with solar exposure, whereas windows with a low SHGC rating help keep the exposed sides of the home cooler in summer. One way to change this rating on any window is with window tinting. The addition of window film on the glass panes acts as a shade which reduces solar radiation.


Cost Factor Considerations

Window replacement cost is a very important factor for most homeowners & business owners. Vinyl window selection, efficiency, & cost make them a popular choice for old wood window replacement on older homes.

When seeking to improve aesthetic appearance & money is no object, many homeowners & business owners turn to custom high-end wood cased windows. Custom wood cased windows can transform even the most mundane living room into a stunning showcase of craftsmanship & beauty. These custom windows come with a price tag, & the sky is the limit for extravagant custom designs.

When purchasing replacement windows, make sure to measure for the proper size to fit the rough openings once old windows are removed.


Basic Window Demolition and Installation

  • Start by removing the old window. Use a utility knife to score paint around casing inside & out. Carefully pry off casing.
  • For single hung windows, remove lower sash. For double hung, remove lower, then upper sash.
  • Remove caulking and cut nails holding jamb with a reciprocating saw or special hack saw.
  • Remove any remaining debris or protruding nails, so that the rough opening is clean and flush.
  • Place new window in opening; adjust so it is centered. Check to make sure window is level, plumb, and square. Windows that are out of square will not operate properly. Use cedar shims to center & level the window. Most new windows have a pre-drilled nailing strip; use 1 ½ inch to 2-inch galvanized roofing nails to secure the window to the nailing flanges in the opening. Space nails 6 to 8-inches, or about every other pre-drilled hole in the strip.
  • Use a hammer and chisel to trim shims flush with jamb.
  • Carefully stuff insulation in gaps around window.
  • Caulk around interior & exterior of window.
  • Install exterior & interior trim casing around window.


Hiring a Professional

Properly completing a window installation or window replacement project requires a medium to advanced level of DIY skill, which if not done right, it may ending up costing you more. Because of this reason, most homeowners & business owners may want to hire the services of professional window replacements experts like Wintorium Windows and Doors that have the necessary skills to quickly and correctly complete the project while delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

To locate a reliable window replacement distributor in the Los Angeles Metro area & surrounding counties, homeowners & business owners all across southern California are turning to Wintorium Windows and Doors in Los Angeles, CA for the best prices on top-brand names including Pella, Milgard, Advancer Inc, IWC, Fleetwood & many more.

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