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Builders Hardware is any hardware within a Door opening. This could be a hinge, lock, closer, weatherstrip, etc. Builders Hardware is actually the backbone of any door opening weather be Residential Doors or Commercial Doors. Think about it, the door won't function without a hinge, but with that said, the door will function without a lock, but it won't latch, or the door will function manually without a Door closer, but can't be fire rated.


With that said, Commercial Door openings are much more complicated than Residential Door openings. With a Residential opening, there are very few or limited components.


Here is what's needed for a typical Residential opening;
Door, door frame, hinges, lock-set, & you're done.


On Commercial applications a lot more comes into play. The first thing is that there is no standard Commercial opening, next, is that you will need to know the components that will or will not go into a Commercial Door opening.


Here is what is needed for a Commercial opening;
Door, frame, lock, closer, flat goods, window, glass, door stop, weather-stripping, threshold, kickplate, etc.


Now you can get an idea of the differences between Commercial and Residential openings..


Builders Hardware is literally the most difficult aspect of any door opening because there is so much that you need to know.


When shopping for your door opening, please visit a Qualified Salesman to guide you through the process. Here at in Wintorium, we're ready to assist you with all your Windows and Doors needs.





Article by: Robert Deahl
Windows & Doors Professional
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(Below there's a small number of building hardware manufacturers - there's over 400 manufacturers out there & we can assist you on choosing the correct one)


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