Advancer Inc Composite Door Limited Warranty



Thank you for your interest in Advancer Inc.’s products.  We realize that there are many choices out there for doors, and we thank you for supporting our mission to bring this environmentally friendly product to the market.

 This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only the physical goods, purchased from Advancer Inc.
This limited Warranty is for the original user and not transferable.
Upon Delivery of Products:
Please check the entire order for any incorrect or missing items/parts.
Please check for material defects in all surfaces, glasses, moldings, stiles, rails…etc.
If any damage or defect is detected, the customer must contact Advancer Inc. within 10 business days.

Definition of Defective Material:
Any portion of the door that is warped over 5/16”.
Any panel that is cracked showing daylight through it.
Any joined parts with a gap exceeding 3/16” in size.
Any part of the door that has been chipped off over 3/16” in width upon inspection at delivery.
What does this limited warranty cover?
Manufacturing defects in composite material.
Pre-finished and Pre-hung of the door.
Glass insulation.
Door Overhang:
Proper door overhang is very critical to the performance of any exterior door, it will help to protect doors from the elements and extend the life of the door. Door overhangs protect the door’s finish paint, minimize the need to refinish and help to keep the weather out of home. A proper door overhang must be equal to half the height from the bottom of the door to the lowest point of the overhang. For example, if the measurement from the bottom of the door to the bottom of the overhang is 9 Feet, then the overhang should extend at least 4.5 Feet or longer. Failure to have a proper overhang will void the door warranty.

Every 3-6 months, we ask customers to use liquid silicone wax (such as premium autocar wax)  to  polish the surface in order to protect the finished on the door. Failure to wax every 6 months may void the warranty on the pre-finished.​

What does this limited warranty NOT cover?
1. Product that is altered, abused, neglected or installed in abnormal or extreme locations or situations.
2. Damaged that caused by localized application of heat, movement of building or building components, or expansion/contraction of building or building components.
3. Damaged caused by freight carriers, common carriers and private transportation or any other means of transportation or handling, occurring after shipping from Advancer Inc.’s warehouse.
4. Damage to surface caused by fire, corrosive fumes, stains, or chemical abrasive substances, flood, earthquake, other acts of nature or any events/actions not controlled by Advancer Inc.
5. Damage done deliberately, by negligence, careless actions, abnormal working conditions, acts of third parties outside of Advancer Inc.’s control, or what is considered normal wear and tear.
6. Doors that are cut, hung, trimmed, or bored by the customer without Advancer Inc’s written consent.
7. Doors that are finished by the customer and/or contain any customer’s paint, stain, shellac or sealer.
8. Any damage caused by the customer while modifying, attempting to fix, or otherwise altering the product.
9. Door hardware is not covered by Advancer Inc.’s warranty.
10. Improper or insufficient handling, storage, installation, maintenance or services.
11. All cost of components, parts, installations, finishes, and labor supplies by third parties other than Advancer Inc. or its agents.

How long does the limited warranty coverage last?
Advancer Inc. offers a limited warranty on all doors from the date of shipment to the dealer/retailer/builder/contractor/customer.

-10 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects in composite material.
-5 years limited warranty on the Pre-finished and Pre-hung of the door.
-5 years limited warranty for glass insulation fails.

Any claim for warpage may be deferred, at the option of the manufacturer, for period not exceeding 12 months from the date of claim.
What will we do to correct the problems?

Should a defect occur, Advancer Inc. will, at its sole discretion:
1. Repair the Door/Pre-Hung/Pre-finished/Glass without charge.
2. Replace the Door/Pre-Hung/Pre-finished Glass without charge
3. Refund the original purchase price of the door.
Limitation on Liability:

This limited Warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty from Advancer Inc. No employee, agent, dealer, retailer, contractor or other person is authorized to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of Advancer Inc.
Advancer Inc. will not be liable for any doors inspected, repaired or replaced without prior written consent.

Advancer Inc. maximum liability is limited to the amount of the original purchase price and will not cover the cost of labor, installation, or finishing for any replacement doors.
Advancer Inc. shall not be liable and/or responsible for special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages.