Replacement Windows for Your Los Angeles Home

Replacement Windows for Your Los Angeles Home

When you start doing your research about the different replacement windows available in Los Angeles, you will quickly realize that there are a lot of options when it comes to frame materials. There was a time when windows with wooden frames dominated the market, but technological advancements have changed the game considerably. Now, you have several different types of window frames to choose from for your Los Angeles home — each of which offers pros and cons in terms of price, durability, and energy efficiency. Having a variety of options is a good problem, and you’ll likely be able to find the best type of windows to fit your Los Angeles home, personal priorities and budget.

Vinyl Windows in Los Angeles

As you research what’s available, it’s likely that vinyl windows will dominate the options — and for good reason: vinyl window frames are exceptionally durable and more energy efficient than many other options. They’re also easy to clean and won’t rot or corrode, so you won’t have to worry about extensive upkeep. 

So, when did vinyl windows become popular? The first vinyl windows were introduced in 1964, and they became increasingly popular in the 1970s when the energy crisis caused homeowners to look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Los Angeles homeowners prefer vinyl windows because they are less expensive than most other windows and are also easier to install because of their lighter weight.

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Fiberglass Windows in Los Angeles

Fiberglass windows have increased in popularity through the years, as they are durable and can mimic the look of natural wood to improve curb appeal. Many fiberglass window frames come with foam-filled cores, which greatly improves their energy efficiency. They’re also resistant to flaking, peeling, fading, and the effects of moisture, and their rigid frames won’t expand or contract during extreme temperature swings. The downside is that the durability comes at an additional cost and construction decisions could lead to excess air leakage.

Wood Windows in Los Angeles

It’s hard to top the natural beauty offered by wood windows, especially if you’re in a home with traditional architecture. Wood windows provide excellent insulation and help prevent condensation from forming, and they can be painted or stained to match any décor. Some of the downsides of wood windows, however, are their susceptibility to rotting, warping, and termites, and the amount of maintenance that’s needed to keep them in good shape.

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Aluminum Windows in Los Angeles

Aluminum windows are extremely strong and allow for a larger viewing area because of their narrow frames. They’re also lightweight, affordable, resistant to insects, and come with baked-on finishes that never need to be repainted. The downside, however is that aluminum windows are the worst option when it comes to energy efficiency, as aluminum is a poor insulator. Aluminum windows are also prone to moisture intrusion and can corrode if they’re subjected to salty air.

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