Los Angeles Window and Door Warranty


Man repairing window under warranty (Los Angeles Window and Door Warranty)


Buying windows and doors is no small investment. That’s why it’s essential that you get backed up in case of a defect. This is where warranties come in. You should ensure that you won’t be left on your own in case something is wrong with your windows or doors. A question we get from many of our Los Angeles clients is what’s the warranty on our windows and doors.


What is the Warranty on All Windows and Doors?


Each replacement Window and Door comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. If a Window or Door is installed by Wintorium™ Windows & Doors, we make sure the stucco (if present) is not damaged during the installation, which also guarantees no water will leak through the Windows. Depending on the specific manufacturer, the terms under warranty may vary.


Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty


Our Milgard window products come with an excellent warranty.


Full Lifetime Warranty


Milgard will provide Parts and labor at no charge to correct a nonconformity for a claim made by the original owner of a residential dwelling located within Milgard’s service territory (at the time of product purchase) for as long as the original owner owns and resides in the dwelling. “Residential dwelling” includes any single-family detached home, townhome, or condominium unit used by the owner as a personal residence.


Milgard will provide Parts and labor to replace broken glass (including tempered) for as long as the owner owns and occupies the residential dwelling. Glass breakage is included for Trinsic Series if the upgrade is purchased at the time of sale and reflected on the order documents. Exclusions include: breakage attributable to:


  • storage
  • handling
  • installation
  • construction
  • acts of nature (e.g. earthquake, fire)
  • civil disorder
  • building settling
  • structural failures of walls or foundations


Lifetime Limited Warranty


Milgard will provide parts at no charge to correct a nonconformity for a claim made by the original owner of a residential dwelling located outside the Service Territory for as long as the original owner owns and resides in the dwelling. Owner is responsible for inspection, labor, and shipping costs. Glass breakage applies as above but is limited to parts only.


10 Year Limited Warranty


Milgard will provide Parts only at no charge to correct a nonconformity for ac made within 10 years of the Manufacture Date by an owner of a structure other than an owner-occupied residential dwelling. This includes, but is not limited to, product in commercial applications, non-owner-occupied residential dwellings, subsequent owners of residential dwellings, and residential dwellings not owned by natural persons. Skilled labor will be provided at no charge for a claim made within 10 years of the manufacture date by an owner of a structure located within the service territory.


Pella Window & Patio Doors Limited Warranty


Non-Glass Materials and Workmanship Limited Lifetime Warranty


Pella warrants that all non-glass components of its vinyl windows and doors will be free of defects in material or workmanship that significantly impair their proper operation and function for as long as the buyer owns and occupies the home into which the vinyl windows and doors manufactured by Pella are installed. If Pella is given notice of a defect in materials or workmanship of a vinyl window or door manufactured by Pella, Pella shall, at its sole option:


  1. Repair or replace the defective part(s) or product(s) (with cost of labor included only within two years of the date of sale by Pella or its authorized dealer) 
  2. Refund the original purchase price.


This Limited Lifetime Warranty is provided to the original buyer and may not be assigned or transferred.


Advancer Inc Composite Door Limited Warranty


The Advancer Inc Composite Door limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in composite material, glass insulation, and the pre-finished & pre-hung of the door. Definitions of defective materials include:


  • Any portion of the door that is warped over 5/16”.
  • Any panel that is cracked showing daylight through it.
  • Any joined parts with a gap exceeding 3/16” in size.
  • Any part of the door that has been chipped off over 3/16” in width upon inspection at delivery.


How Long Does the Limited Warranty Coverage Last?


Advancer Inc. offers a limited warranty on all doors from the date of shipment to the dealer/retailer/builder/contractor/customer:


  • 10 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects in composite material.
  • 5 years limited warranty on the pre-finished and pre-hung of the door.
  • 5 years limited warranty for glass insulation fails.


What Will We Do to Correct the Problems?


Should a defect occur, Advancer Inc. will, at its sole discretion:


  1. Repair the Door/Pre-Hung/Pre-finished/Glass without charge.
  2. Replace the Door/Pre-Hung/Pre-finished Glass without charge
  3. Refund the original purchase price of the door.


What Does This Limited Warranty NOT Cover?


  1. Product that is altered, abused, neglected or installed in abnormal or extreme locations or situations.
  2. Damage caused by localized application of heat, movement of building or building components, or expansion/contraction of building or building components.
  3. Damage caused by freight carriers, common carriers and private transportation or any other means of transportation or handling, occurring after shipping from Advancer Inc.’s warehouse.
  4. Damage to surface caused by fire, corrosive fumes, stains, or chemical abrasive substances, flood, earthquake, other acts of nature, or any events/actions not controlled by Advancer Inc.
  5. Damage done deliberately, by negligence, careless actions, abnormal working conditions, acts of third parties outside of Advancer Inc.’s control, or what is considered normal wear and tear.
  6. Doors that are cut, hung, trimmed, or bored by the customer without Advancer Incs written consent.
  7. Doors that are finished by the customer and/or contain any customer’s paint, stain, shellac or sealer.
  8. Any damage caused by the customer while modifying, attempting to fix, or otherwise altering the product.
  9. Door hardware is not covered by Advancer Inc.’s warranty.
  10. Improper or insufficient handling, storage, installation, maintenance or services.
  11. All cost of components, parts, installations, finishes, and labor supplies by third parties other than Advancer Inc. or its agents.


When purchasing your windows and doors, it is nice to have a sense of relief that your new windows and doors are covered with a warranty. Our Los Angeles window and doors warranty is something you can count on. For more information about our window and door warranties, give Wintorium a call at (323) 307-7376, or click here to schedule an appointment today!