How to Select the Right Replacement Window Glass for Your Los Angeles Home

How to Select the Right Replacement Window Glass for Your Los Angeles Home


Customizing new replacement windows is exciting—you get to pick out new window styles, frame materials, and hardware finishes to enhance the curb appeal of your home. For many people, the glass itself may be an afterthought, or they might think they don’t even have a choice. However, there are various options for window glass, from the number of panes to coatings and glass strengths. The glass you choose for your replacement windows is integral to thermal performance and durability. Here are some factors to help you decide.


Replacement Window Glass Options for Los Angeles Climate


When selecting glass for your replacement windows, consider your climate and area, including the average temperature, weather severity, and humidity. Ultimately, you want to select the appropriate window coatings, insulation, and panes for the Los Angeles area. In Los Angeles we live in a hot, dry climate, so windows with special coatings that reflect heat and light will be an excellent choice to keep your home cool.


Window Coatings Suitable for the Los Angeles Area


Low-emittance (low-E) coatings are invisible metal coatings for window glass that change the heat transfer rate, helping to control your home’s interior temperature.


  • Low-solar gain window glass coatings. These reflect the sun’s heat, so they are popular in Los Angeles climate and for windows that get a lot of light.


Coatings aren’t the only factor—window panes and insulation also affect thermal performance.



Window Panes and Window Insulation 


Single-pane windows (windows with only one pane of glass) are a thing of the past, as they don’t insulate well and are not energy efficient or secure. The recommended choice in the industry is now double-pane, but you can also get triple-pane windows for extra energy efficiency and noise reduction.


Most modern windows have a type of gas between the panes instead of air. Air isn’t as good of an insulator and can trap moisture, which can cause damage, so manufacturers generally choose a gas to fill the space. Depending on the panes you want, that gas will either be argon or krypton. The differences:


  • Argon is the more affordable option, but it takes up more space. It is ideal for double-pane windows.
  • Krypton offers extra insulation and is used in triple-pane windows, as it takes up less space and can keep windows thin enough to fit in standard window frames.


Los Angeles homeowners should also think about the window’s direction and how much light and heat enter the room. 



Window Appearance and Styles


Of course, appearance is important too. Wintorium Windows and Doors offers a variety of customized glass designs for replacement windows. 


Contact Wintorium Windows and Doors today and our experienced team will help you choose the perfect design available in your selected window glass.


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