Double Paned Windows in Los Angeles, CA


Double Paned Windows in Los Angeles, CA


If you’re looking for windows for your home or commercial building in Los Angeles, it is essential that you do plenty of research. Windows are an investment that can be paid off if you’re smart with your purchase. There are several imperative features that modern day windows must have, and one of them is dual-pane glass. Double pane windows give homes, apartments, and commercial spaces superior energy efficiency benefits that cannot be found in other window types, such as single-paned windows. This blog will go over the benefits of double pane windows and why they’re the optimal choice for your space.

What is a Double Paned Window?

A double paned window is a window with two panes of glass set within its frame. There is a small space between them, which is typically filled with argon gas. Argon is an odorless, colorless inert gas that helps improve thermal insulation efficiency. Used in conjunction with low-E (short emissivity) glass coating, argon helps maintain the window’s temperature closer to room temperature. This ultimately eliminates air currents and drafts that take place when differing temperatures meet.

Double Paned Window

What Benefits Do Double Panes Windows Offer?

Living in Los Angeles, we all know how uncomfortable the seasons can get, especially in the summer. While we can leave our HVAC on 24/7, we all know that we’re not going to be too happy once our energy bill comes. Besides, it’s not environmentally friendly. Luckily, double panes windows can offer a solution to these problems! The top benefits they provide induce the following:

Increased Insulation

One of the biggest benefits double pane windows provide is increased insulation. They help moderate indoor temperatures to keep the space comfortable. No matter how good your roof and wall insulation is, if you have inefficient windows, you’re losing hundreds on heating and cooling costs. Glass is a poor insulator that can transfer heat really easily. However, if you have double paned windows with argon gas, your home’s insulation will be at its best. The average American family can save between $125 and $500 on an annual basis on energy bills alone.

Couple comfotable in home with their new double pane windows

Energy Savings

By reducing your energy usage with double paned windows, you will bring down your energy costs. While these windows initially cost more than single paned windows, their reduction in your energy bill will make a good investment over time. Once you get double pane windows installed, you can save on your bill immediately. Over time, your energy savings will accumulate, ultimately leading to the windows paying for themselves! They’re a smart investment for any Los Angeles home or commercial space.

Keep the Noise Out with Double Paned Windows

The world outside your windows can be hectic. Whether it be your neighbor's non-stop barking dog or the sound of rushing cars on your busy street, we can all use some peace and quiet in our spaces. Double pane windows offer you that peace! They significantly reduce external noise by up to 60-70%!

Save The Planet

Going green doesn't necessarily mean getting solar panels or wind turbines. Being eco-conscious can mean cutting back on your energy usage and reducing your carbon footprint. Double pane windows are a great way of doing just that. By moderating the indoor temperatures of your home, you can rely less on your heating and cooling system, and more on your windows!

Double Paned Windows in Los Angeles, CA

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