Condo Building Window Upgrades: Don't Just Replace, Upgrade!



Are your condo windows experiencing foggy glass, shrinking caulk, rotting wood, or leaking windows? These are all signs that your windows need to be replaced. While it’s not uncommon for 50+ year old condos to have their original windows, it’s important that you make sure your windows are adequate for a safe, comfortable living environment. These older windows are most likely not up to date with the latest window technology. This means it’s not just time to replace, but upgrade your windows. This blog will go over condo building window options and why you shouldn't just replace, but upgrade your windows.


Condo Building Window Upgrades Don't Just Replace, Upgrade!

Don’t Just Replace, Upgrade!

Many condo buildings, especially older condo buildings, have their original windows from the time they were constructed. While they may seem in good condition, window technology has made huge advancements in the past ten years. Today’s windows offer superior energy efficiency, reduced sound transmittance, lower maintenance, easier use, and enhanced safety and security.


Replacing the windows is the bare minimum; however, upgrading condo building windows is about increased quality of life. Older windows make the building really hot during the summer and cold during the winter. Most original windows were most likely made of aluminum or vinyl with clear single pane glass. The materials, manufacturing techniques, and design are pre-dated and offer low-performing insulation benefits. If the building you manage as a Homeowner Association (HOA) or live in as an owner, is more than 25 years old, it's likely that the windows need to be upgraded, not just replaced.

Who’s Responsible for Condo Window Replacements?

When you own a condo or belong to a Homeowner Association (HOA), what options do you have for window replacements? Most HOAs assign windows as the responsibility of the homeowner; however, if these windows are becoming a structural concern, or if the owners want to revamp the aesthetic of the building, then they will take responsibility for managing the window replacement project.


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Look for a Commercial Window Replacement Company

Most window replacement companies in southern California that specialize in residential replacements don’t work on buildings higher than three floors. It can be difficult for high-rise condo buildings. That’s why it's important that you select a company that does both commercial and residential windows. Companies that work with commercial window replacements have the installers and equipment necessary to carry out replacements in higher buildings. Wintorium specializes in window replacements for condos and other commercial buildings. We have years of experience and have the skills for top-notch commercial window replacements.


Old condos have inefficient windows that not only look unappealing, but are costing the people big bucks on energy costs due to their inferior insulation offerings. With upgraded windows, the condo will be significantly more energy-efficient, more comfortable, and visually appealing. Upgrading your condo’s window is an investment that will get paid off down the road. The condo owners will enjoy the numerous benefits of upgraded windows, better energy efficiency, improved ventilation, less outside noise, easy cleaning, and so on. The owners and managers of the HOA will also succeed in adding new life and vitality to the building as well as enhancing the overall performance of the building’s heating, cooling, and air filtration systems positively! We hope this blog helped you see the benefits of upgrading your condo windows. If you’re ready to upgrade your windows in Los Angeles, give Wintorium a call at (323) 307-7376 or click here to schedule an appointment.




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