Black Windows Are the New Trend in Los Angeles

House with Black Windows (Black Windows Are the New Trend in Los Angeles)

Are you planning to sell your Los Angeles home or retire in it? In both cases, energy-saving, low-maintenance upgrades increase the value of your biggest investment. Are you tired of the old and tired windows and are looking for ways to give your place some extra oomph? Many homeowners in Los Angeles are replacing those old windows with black window options. Window replacement is a renovation that makes sense beyond being aesthetically pleasing, and here’s why.


Black Window Frames


Today’s Los Angeles home is vibrant, colorful, and picturesque, and many homeowners achieve this look by installing color windows. Wintorium Windows and Doors is a local Los Angeles window company that offers black window frames and a wide variety of other window colors sure to suit your taste.

Besides the aesthetics, these windows are also maintenance-free and offer superior savings on your energy bill. By contacting Wintorium to replace your old, leaking windows, you’ll save yourself the money when the utility companies come calling. The rates in California are always going up. In fact, in June 2021, Los Angeles households paid 21.8 cents per kWh for electricity, 53.5% more than the nationwide average. So it just makes sense to replace your windows and keep that extra cash.


Houses With Black Windows


Black windows have become a favorite among Los Angeles homeowners, bringing a distinct charm and modern elegance to a home's architecture. They stand out beautifully against lighter exteriors, providing a striking contrast that is both bold and sophisticated. Black window frames can highlight your home's unique features and draw attention to the windows themselves, turning them into a design statement of their own​.


Black Window Frame Exterior


Exterior black window frames are versatile and timeless, complementing a variety of home styles from traditional to modern. They enhance the curb appeal by adding a touch of sophistication and depth. Not only do they provide a sleek and clean look, but they also don't show dirt and stains as easily as lighter colors, making them a practical and stylish choice for your home's exterior​.


Black Picture Windows


Picture windows are designed to provide a clear, unobstructed view of the outside, and when framed in black, they offer an impressive, minimalist aesthetic that draws the eye. Black picture windows act as living artwork, framing the outside view and creating a stunning visual impact inside your home. They offer a chic and modern touch that can enhance any room's decor​.


Black Vinyl Windows Fading


One common concern with black windows is the potential for color fading due to constant exposure to sun and harsh weather conditions. However, at Wintorium™ Windows & Doors, our black vinyl windows are manufactured with superior color retention technology that resists fading, ensuring they maintain their rich, dark hue for years to come. Additionally, vinyl windows require very little maintenance, adding to their appeal​.


Are Black Windows a Trend?


While black windows are currently trending in Los Angeles and other parts of the world, they are far from being a mere fad. Their timeless elegance, combined with their versatility in complementing diverse architectural styles, suggests that they're here to stay. Black windows can elevate the design of your home, adding a level of sophistication that is always in vogue​.


Los Angeles Windows Replacement


Choosing to replace your windows is a significant home improvement decision. Wintorium Windows & Doors makes this process easy and hassle-free in Los Angeles. We offer a comprehensive range of window styles, including the popular black windows, to match your specific needs and aesthetics. Our professional team ensures a smooth installation process, providing you with high-quality, energy-efficient windows that enhance your home's beauty and functionality​.


Does Wintorium Only Offer Black Windows?


Wintorium Windows and Doors is a local Los Angeles window installation company, but we work with many manufacturers. Our experienced window consultants will be able to advise you on the best options for your home so that you could have your dream windows.


Other advantages to hiring Wintorium to replace your old windows with new ones include:


  • Our black windows are carefully tested for durability and optimal color retention.
  • Our colors are carefully selected and designed to enhance each window frame, showing off the angles and clean lines.
  • We have multiple color options that match any interior and exterior wall color. These windows are sure to give your home a clean and contemporary look.
  • Your black windows will look great for years to come — you’re done painting, refinishing, or staining.


Los Angeles Window Installation Company


The exterior finish on our vinyl windows resists sunlight exposure fading. We are proud to say that our black window finish exceeds accepted industry standards for fade resistance.

Our low-maintenance vinyl frame colors complement your home’s décor because you coordinate your window colors with your exterior trim, siding, and stucco. Couple that with working with a BBB A-rated company, and you’ll see why homeowners love us in the Los Angeles area. If you’ve been looking for a reliable Los Angeles company to install your black windows, your search has come to an end! Give us a call at (323) 307-7376 or click here to schedule an appointment.